About Us

We are US Auto Upholstery and we use %100 leather for our seat covers and we get our leather from KeySton Bros from Houston, Texas which has a really high quality compare to other companies. These materials are U.S. made and compare to other companies which use Chinese material, we offer the highest quality material.We also add half an inch foam padding to the seat cover and plastic hangers to the side to make it easier for installation. So basically our seat covers are exactly same as the factory made seat covers with better material.  That is why we have 1 year warranty on our seat covers, which that means even though we are sure that our seat covers will last for 10 years if anything happens in the first year with the seat cover we will replace the seat cover with a new one. We also offer 30 day free shipping return just in case we send you the wrong item. We ship our items using priority mail which is much faster than standard mail so you will receive the item 1-2 business days after it is shipped.


At Us Auto Upholstery when we say our replacement seat covers are OEM that means even though we manufacture these seat covers our self we use factory patterns to make it exactly like the factory seat cover. OEM seat covers are mostly leather on the top surface which touches the body and synthetic leather around the seat cover where the controls go. We do the samething also. This means it will have the same texture, color, and similar stitching. We verify the color and pattern of the seat by asking the customer to send us a picture and the last 8 digits of the VIN so we can verify both the pattern and color. You can either message this information through eBay or email it to us at usautoupholstery@hotmail.com or call us directly and give it to us.


On most vehicles we have both bottom seat covers, both lean backseat covers, and if you have, both armrestcovers, and center console lid cover for discounted price. If you do not see any of these items on eBay please give us a call to direct you to purchase the other parts also. Also even if you have a vehicle that you do not find the seat cover online or no one has it or even if they do they are offering high prices we can still offer you the discounted price and we can still make it for you as long as you send us your old seat cover so we can use it as a pattern to make you a new one.


For installation if you go on YouTube and search the year and model of your vehicle and add leather replacement seat cover you will find couple videos on how to install it. We never put that hole ourselves because every seat cover has a different location of the control panel because it depends how squashed your foam cushion has been and how low your control panel is. So if we make a guess and put the hole ourselves it might be at the wrong place.

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